Conference & Meeting Management

DKG produces programs domestically and internationally, from groups as intimate as a board meeting to conferences for up to 10,000 attendees.  Our services begin with building a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and meeting objectives.   We then use this profile to develop and implement a successful, high impact program that we will market with a targeted strategy customized for your event.

Travel Incentive Programs

Many companies offer sales incentive packages to include not only monetary incentives, but travel awards. Travel incentive programs are efficient investments that have so many positive attributes:

  • motivation to achieve high performance,
  • memories lasting a lifetime, and
  • improved employee morale

Site Selection & Hotel Contract Negotiation

Searching multiple cities and venues for the “perfect” meeting location can be a daunting task and quite time consuming.  Since time is your most precious commodity, we are here to take that research off your to-do list, freeing you up to attend to more pressing responsibilities.  Here’s where we come in…

DKG Events believes that there is an art to creating a successful event.

Let us make your event a masterpiece.

We understand that an event’s success is dependent our ability to understand our client’s specific needs; and then to design and implement a program that will leave a positive and lasting impression.

DKG Events excels at providing personalized service and takes pride in embracing each clients’ unique objectives.

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