DKG Events has been providing exceptional meeting and event services to corporate and association clients since 1996.

The DKG Events team is a creative group of individuals from a range of industries including high tech, travel, marketing, hospitality, and event management, providing an exceptional scope of resources to create the most imaginative productions for our clients.

DKG Events manages programs domestically and internationally for groups as intimate as a board meeting to conferences for 10,000.

Our clients are unique; therefore, we design distinctive programs to meet the specific needs of each group.

What we will do for you…
In the preliminary stages of designing a program, we take time to gain a full understanding of the target audience and meeting objectives. Once defined, we implement this information to develop a successful, high impact program. We become an integral part of your overall team, and design an event that reflects your company’s values and goals. After the program has been designed, we will introduce it to the participants with words and pictures that sell – a campaign that will get results. We look at your business as a lifelong partnership, ensuring each program is planned in the most efficient and cost effective manner available. We not only want your business; we plan to keep it!