Travel Incentive Programs

In today’s business world, competition between companies goes far beyond gaining and keeping clients, but now also includes keeping our valued employees from being lured away by enticing benefit and compensation packages.

Implementing an incentive program is the prevailing approach companies use to assure their achievers stay put. Not only are incentives a reward for a job well done, they provide the motivation that builds momentum for the following year.

A professionally designed incentive program is a proven method of motivating people, thereby increasing sales, productivity and loyalty. Investing in your employees with a sales or safety incentive program not only increases profit while increasing morale, but virtually pays for itself.

However, planning an incentive program involves more than just selecting a destination or merchandise, it includes understanding the target audience and what will motivate a specific group. We get to know your participants… where they are from, average age, marital status, how competitive or laid back, what incentives have been used in the past, etc. We take these demographics, along with our experience and resources, and design a program that will be right on track, no matter who your audience:

· Sales people
· Dealers
· Distributors
· Brokers
· Employees
· Customers

Not only will the rules, regulations and qualifications be clearly defined, but we make sure they are introduced with words and pictures that sell. While keeping with your corporate image and culture, we will produce a high impact visual representation of your program – a campaign that will get results.

DKG understands what motivates people, and what keeps them excited, that’s what we do – every day!

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